Visionox next competitor for Apple and Samsung Smartphone’s

June 10, 2020: We have seen the recent development in the front camera of the smartphone’s we have experienced the popup cameras, the flip camera, dual front camera, and many more. What would be the next move to the selfie camera design?

Visionox is the first phone in the world which is with the front camera hidden under the screen. Yes, you read it right! The mobile manufacturers have already launched the new phone with the full-screen display and a camera hidden under the screen. Well, that looks like much more advancement in mobile manufacturers. Even though many companies have announced the hidden camera concept but Visionox is the first company to officially go for mass manufacturing.

The company has used many patented small technologies above the camera which makes them work to match the screen resolution and the brightness when the camera is not in use. The company also claims to have a new manufacturing process just designed for the new production.

The experts say if we have to accept the hidden camera then we have to either compromise on the quality of the picture or compromise on the screen functionality. The expectation of on-screen scratches is something that we have to look in and find out once it is been released in the market. This announcement and launch have let Samsung and Apple pull their socks and fasten their development process.

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