Trump hits on Germany for lack of defense spending.

June 25, 2020: The press conference with Poland president in the white house made Trump trigger against Germany. It is the first time the Poland minister has visited the white house after the corona pandemic. Poland President Andrzej Duda faces the election this Sunday.

Trump stressed the point of how Poland is following defense funding. It uses 2% of its GDP for the defense. It is very few among the other countries that focus on the defense of the country. The United States uses 3.89% of the GDP for defense funding that is highest among all in the world.

There are only 8-countries that fall under the 2% mark on defense like the UK, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Estonia, and the United States. Trump pointed to Germany that uses only 1.3% of the GDP for defense and, he also said to get back 10,000 US troops from Germany and send them to a different location. Some of the US troops will come home and, some will go to different locations. Poland is one of the locations where the troops will be sent in the coming days. Trump said we will be reducing the Germany troop by 25,000.

Trump also announced to send 1000 more troops to Poland to fight against Russian aggression. Poland President has done a great job and, he would continue to do in the coming days said, Trump. The support from the United States to Poland president would always there and would support him in his election.

“He is doing a terrific job. The people of Poland think the world of him,” Trump said Wednesday. “He will do very well with or without us. He’s going to have a great success and, Poland is going to continue.”

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