Space-X boost Satellite-based navigation in the United States

July 1, 2020: Elon Musks Space-X delivered a Space Force Global Positioning System to the orbit on Tuesday through the Falcon9 rocket. The Satellite id joined with other 31 GPS Satellite in the globe and, the GPS III will circle twice a day around the earth as per Space Force.

L1C GPS signal is used in the new satellite that will help for a better accurate and powerful GPS for the international navigation System. The L1C signal is used in Europe, China, and Japan in their satellite as well. The GPS will be slightly better tweeted Elon Musk.

The Satellite is designed for both civilian use and also has inbuild network jammer and can carry accurate military signals. The life span of the new GPS satellite is 15 years as per Space Force and, it is 25% more than the previous satellite in the orbit.

According to NASA, this is the third satellite, using L1C signals. The first was launched in December 2018 and, the next in July 2019 and the launch of this satellite was delayed due to the corona outbreak by 60 days. SpaceX recovered the first stage of rocket launch used by the Falcon9 through their autonomous ship on Tuesday.

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