Highlights of Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2020

June 22, 2020: The pandemic forced Apple to make it a virtual conference for the present year. Apple announced updates and changes across the range of products across the ecosystem. The major news was the end of the long-running partnership between Intel and Apple.

The technology giant made it clear on the end of using Intel chips and shall provide computers with the Apple chip installed. Later this year company will launch the first computer with the Apple chip installed. Also, the change is to make the MacBook work faster with better energy utilization and more battery life. Apple computers were using Intel chips for the last 15 years. Apple would build apps that is used in all devices and, the computer will support all the apps used in the iPhone and iPad.

Partnering with other tech giants like Amazon, Google, the company is all to make changes in the smart home platform. The devices will use facial recognition software to detect people at the doorbell using the camera outside. The company also promised to come up with a better network with smart cameras and facial recognition near the doorbell. The company also said the data is secured and encrypted to protect customers.

iOS 14 updates on the app category will automatically categorize the app according to the usage. Apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram would form a category called Social Media. The App Clips is the new edition that immediately loads a pared-down version of certain apps. It will track the day to day activity of the user. The safari is updated with the faster version and easier access to the web and, the App Store is updated with a lesser description for each app. The previous version had in detail app detail which is cut short to the limited description.

Watch OS 7, the recent update on the Apple watch is, it senses if the user is washing their hands and, it will automatically start a 20 seconds count-down which is a feature added based on the current situation. The watch built with an inbuilt sleep monitor software to track the user’s sleep. The advancement has a greater impact on the company’s growth and plan.

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