Daily Archives: Feb 19, 2020

Five Simple Steps to Thrive in Your Leadership | Sheeba Varghese

Her passion is reflected in providing leadership training and coaching to men and women who desire to bridge the gap from simply managing day-to-day to becoming exceptional leaders who architect change, innovation and sustainable excellence.

Business Leadership Master Roles ​| Paul Bellows

Knowing how to lead in a given situation and time frame is the defining factor for adaptable and capable modern business leaders.

4 things leaders need to advance their teams | Patrick Jinks

Clarity, simplicity, and alignment. As I have coached thousands of leaders over the past two decades, I have realized that there is critical 4th element as well: Inspiration.

Top 5 CEO Leadership Traits | Michelle Braden

becoming a high performing CEO is a journey not a destination. Google “What does it take to be a successful CEO?” and you will find yourself with no lack of information, research, ideas and assumptions to answer this question.

9 CEO Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them | Madeleine Homan Blanchard

Did I say senior leadership is thankless? It bears repeating. The stakes are so high and everyone is watching. The only way to make the game worthwhile is to set yourself up to win at it.

Kindness is your competitive leadership advantage | Lara Heacock

Think kindness is only soft and fluffy, or that you don’t need to practice kindness when you’re in charge? Think again...Think kindness is only soft, or that you don’t need to practice kindness when you’re in charge? Think again.

Neither the Bull or the Belle | Kristine Shipman

Bulldog, aggressive, demanding, overbearing, too emotional, too excited, too sensitive, too manly, too caring, too…these are all phrases that female leaders encounter on their pathway to leadership.

New Year! New Decade! New Goals! | Kristen Franey

Problem is, just setting goals is not setting you up for success. What has been proven to be more successful, is setting intentions, and from these, the goals will follow and be clear.

Transforming Your Internal Narrative: From Burnt Out to Bliss | Kelly Meerbott

As a respected thought-leader & leadership coach to corporate executives for more than twenty-one years, Kelly Meerbott is naturally empathetic and intuitive.

Driving Accelerated Results in an Increasingly Competitive Environment | Joeri Carty

Whatever you end up taking on, make sure you can measure progress. If it can’t be measured, it will not be done. Find creative ways to challenge...
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Jeff Bezos sells Amazon shares worth $3.1 Billion

August 6, 2020: In the first few days of August Jeff sells Amazon shares worth $3.1 billion yesterday. Jeff remains...
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House throwing large parties in Los Angeles have a threat of stopping water and power supply

August 6, 2020: Mayor Eric Garcetti made a statement yesterday to stop water and power supply to the houses...

Distributed company the new future

The pandemic has led the companies to think something different than before and, coming back to the office is no...

Advanced Oil Rigs- Technology is the Reason

The deep-water oil rig is the technological advancement with facility for deepest moored floating oil and gas production...

How did Elon Musk act as a leader to be the most valued automobile company?

For many years the automobile industry was not focused as there were new players as the tech companies to...

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